Speculative loading, Jetpack stats, Divi AI Layouts, blogging, hyphens, BMW Logo, Papyrus, TikTok Notes, empanadas and cheeseburgers. Along with this week’s news, I dive a little deeper into a controversial business move and provide a humorous look at a polarizing font. Check it all out below!


A common business practice in the world of WordPress is to have a free version of a plugin that includes some valuable features. For those who want more, more features are available in a premium version at a cost. Lately something has happened with the Jetpack plugin that has upset many users, including myself. Jetpack has always included a traffic stats feature for free. Over the years they have added features to Jetpack that were only available at a cost. But the traffic stats remained free. Now they have stated that the stats feature will have a cost for any “business” sites and the minimum cost is $10 a month.

I think many users would have been OK if the basic stats features were still free and a far expanded feature set had a cost. But in this case, a feature that had been free now has a fairly high cost. This has led to a large number of one-star reviews of Jetpack in the past few days. While I have yet to uninstall Jetpack on the sites I manage, I will install it rather than pay for it. Below you’ll find information on the change and a link to see the negative reviews the change has brought.

I will be interested to see if the new policy remains or if the public pressure will return at least the basic stats for free.



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