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A Few Words From Our Clients

Unleashed did an excellent job designing and helping me launch my new web site. They’re responsive, fast, and thorough. Their technical knowledge helped me integrate with social media and they continue to help me optimize my presence with the search engines.

Bill Brunsky

Owner, William Brunsky, asla

These guys really know their stuff! I read the blog they put out and always get some interesting new ideas from them. The websites they have created are very professional and user friendly. I would recommend them!

Cee Rock

Office Manager, Carefree/Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce

  • Unleashing your photos to make your Web site more attractive
  • Unleashing your online properties with a thorough checkup
  • Unleashing the branding on your social media networks

“Having an effective online presence is very important to businesses. Our goal is to build Web sites that work well on all devices and take each business to a higher level of success.”

Foster D. Coburn III

President, Web Design Solutions Unleashed

Why a Good Web Site Won’t Cut It Anymore

The folks at Website Magazine had a good article recently about what you need to have a site that works well for you. There was so much good information in this article that we'll have more blogs in the future that focus on a specific section of the article. We...
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Outdated Plugin Caused WordPress Shopping Cart Failure

Clients come to us for our expertise in WordPress Web design. Some clients want us to handle everything while others want to have the ability to make any changes they desire. Even when we give clients the ability to make those changes, we try to give them advice that...
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What Has Replaced Your Yellow Pages Budget?

When I was young, I always got a chuckle because my mom kept a yellow pages in the trunk of her car. This was long before the Internet and smart phones. Her reasoning was that she would have a way to find a business while she was away from home. Yes, the yellow pages...
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Bringing a Landscape Design Firm to the Web

When I think back to my days in middle school, I realize how many friends I made that are still in my life years later. Today we're going to talk about one of those friends. We went in different directions when it came time to go to college. After college, we also...
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Important Information to Provide for Your Web Site

Rarely have a met a Web client that wanted me to spend more time on their site than necessary or to bill them for more hours than needed. Typically they wanted the least expensive site possible. I am happy to work with clients to achieve this goal, but it has the best...
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Tea Site Makeover Fit for the Queen

For those who aren't familiar with our area, Cave Creek and Carefree are two small suburbs that often blur into a single location. You'll find the English Rose Tea Room on Carefree's Easy Street and it is a fixture who those who want to enjoy tea time. Their Web site...
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Polishing a WordPress-Based Car Rental Web Site

Each Web design project is unique and part of the process is defining who is responsible for each of the tasks involved. We were approached by a a local rental car company who had already built a WordPress Web site. Much of the initial work was done, but they needed...
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Makeover of Embroidery Web Site

Recently we were asked to makeover a site for a company that does custom embroidery. While there were some aspects of the old site that the client wanted improved, some of the requested changes were related to security. Let's go through some of the visual changes. The...
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Quick Makeover of Delivery Financial Web Site

A friend called and asked if I could fix a couple of things on his Web site. The first issue was an error message in the sidebar where news should appear. There was also a problem receiving information submitted by the contact form. As I hadn't built the site, there...
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Makeover of Christmas Festival Web Site

When we were contacted about making over the site for a local Christmas festival, it was easy to see things that could be improved. The site had used one of the popular do-it-yourself "Web site builders" which limited the look of the site (shown below). The first...
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