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You have one shot at making a great first impression. With a Web site, that first impression is made in under a second. What kind of impression does a poorly designed and difficult to navigate Web site create? Does your first impression make people move to another site? Or in that second, are your site visitors instantly engaged and wanting to see more?

If you’re in business, having a Web site is expected. It’s how people find you. Put in anything you want to buy or need into Google and instantly you can pick the exact service or product that meets your needs. Would you pick an auto repair service with an ugly Web site? You may hear they do great work yet they don’t have time to update that outdated Web site. If you don’t know anything about them, do you pick the service with the ugly site or the service that takes all aspects of their business, including their Web site with a professional appearance, seriously?

You may ask—is the cost of a site worth it? The answer is yes and we understand the need for cost containment. Who isn’t operating on a tight budget these days? While doing it yourself may seem like the least expensive option, it means you aren’t focusing on your main business task and doing it wrong can actually cost you far more. Do you hire a mechanic to work on your car, an accountant to do your taxes, a lawyer to handle legal work? Hire a professional to handle your Web site!

We are happy to handle all the technicalities that can be overwhelming in starting a site, then can provide training so you are able to maintain then add to their site with confidence. Whether you’re starting from scratch, need updates or even a redesign, Web Design Solutions Unleashed can help. We can create a custom site to meet your needs. With more than 20 years of experience in Web development, we know Web design!

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We Use WordPress Too

We hear it often. Can you design a site for me so I can update it whenever I want? Many of our clients have no trouble learning how to manage their Web site content. But the steep learning curve required to learn how to put a site together is daunting. A sound WordPress site allows our clients the flexibility they want to maintain their site, without the hassle of creating a site from scratch.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web site design is simply a Web site that adjusts to look great on all screens. That means it adapts to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is not just a buzzword, it is more and more important as users visit sites from all their devices. E-commerce sales have risen from 3 to 37% in the last few years. Check your current site on your phone and do an honest evaluation. Does your site look like it belongs on your phone/tablet or does it look like a relic from 10 years ago? Don’t miss a sale because your Web site doesn’t work on a smartphone or tablet.

As part of our consultation setting up your Web site, we’ll work with you to pick a good theme (another word for a template). We want to make sure that theme can provide the look and features you desire while also being technically solid and supported.

What do you really need and/or what don’t you need with your Web site? We will give you honest answers. We don’t inflate our services or pricing just to charge you more. Our consultation is an honest assessment of your site and, most importantly, your needs.

You could just put this information aside and wait until you’re ready for the Web, or you could call us now so that we can begin broadcasting your message to the masses. You can contact us the old-fashioned way by calling us at (480) 595-0065 or drop us an e-mail. If you continue to wait, it just gives your competition another chance to pass you.