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  • Tech News Digest for December 6, 2019

    Hackers are gonna hack and we’ve got some stories about the latest tricks. There is also a small tool that can provide at least some protection. Big changes at the top of Google. T-Mobile rolls out 5G. Sunning of butts is really a thing? Twitter pauses plan to delete inactive accounts. […]

  • Protect Your Charging Devices with PortaPow USB Data Blocker

    You’re sitting in a public place like an airport and your phone is running out of juice. Looking around, you see a USB port to plug in and juice up. But is it safe to do that? I’ve share an inexpensive tool to protect your devices and that will include an Amazon link for which The post […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 29, 2019

    This was a short week with Thanksgiving stuff in the middle. I hope everyone enjoyed a great day with friends and family. Today is the official start of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I’ve listed a few of the deals below. That includes the two shopping lists put together in previous posts […]

  • SwissGear Backpack Perfect for Traveling with Laptop, Tablet and More

    The first time I traveled with a laptop was in 1993. Since then, I’ve gone through a variety of bags to bring my laptop and other gear along with me on trips. Heck, it is also useful for quick a trip through the neighborhood. For the last few years, my “gear” bag has been one The […]

  • Week of Tech Disasters and Solutions

    The local weather was spectacular a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to take a day off to have some fun. So I planned a day of scuba diving that Friday to end the week on a high note. The diving went well, but the day before was the beginning of some tech disasters. The post Week of Tech Disasters […]

  • Build Your Shopping Lists With These Gift Guides

    Our friends at Cnet and ZDNet have put together a wide variety of gift guides. I’ve shared each of those gift guides below along with links to many of the products on those lists. You’ll even see some of the same products on multiple lists. That just tells me they are really good […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 22, 2019

    It’s time for online shopping season to kick into high gear and hackers want to get in on the action. How to avoid the scams and to protect your online store are just two of our headlines this week. Tom Hanks not only plays Mr. Rogers, he is a relative! Facebook getting a rival from The post […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 15, 2019

    Which smartwatch should you get? Text messaging on Android due for a big improvement. Disney Plus is the latest streaming service to launch. Paper from poop? New WordPress version. Free fonts! These are just a few of the headlines in this week’s tech news. Click on the headlines below to read […]

  • 8-Port USB Desktop Charging Station Hub Brings the Power

    I don’t know you about you, but I feel like I have an endless supply of devices to charge via USB. Loyal readers know I write often about various products for charging those devices. Today I’m going to share one that has more options than any I’ve shared before. Yes, I’ll […]

  • Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Shopping

    Our friends at cnet and reviewed put together different shopping guides and we wanted to pass them along to you. There are times when you’ll need to find a gift for someone and your mind is blank. There are three tiers listed here. One group is under $100, another is under $25 and finally one […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 8, 2019

    Is there any good news coming from Facebook? Not in this week’s headlines. Lasers are going to hack your devices? AI coming to Photoshop. Free Harry Potter fonts. Do you doodle? These are just a few of the stories in this weeks tech news. Click on the headlines below to get the full story. […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Adds Features and Decreases Size

    It was just about a year ago when I wrote a lengthy post about how much I enjoyed my Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung has tweaked their offerings and the latest is smaller overall with the same size screen. Let’s go over some of the updates. Yes, there is an Amazon link from which I can The post […]

  • Foster’s Photos Converted to Foster’s Favorites

    A few years back, I wanted to accomplish a couple of goals. First, I wanted to secure the domain name of my own name. Second, people were asking me for a way to purchase some of my photos. This led to the birth of the Foster’s Photos Web site. Now that time has passed, it The post […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 1, 2019

    Happy 50th birthday to the Internet! Do you need ear buds? There are several new options. How were magazines made before computers? Milk in bags? Facebook is in the news business again? These and many more headlines are available is this week’s Tech News. Click on a headline to get the full […]

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Delivers Tiny Computer for Under $100

    Ever wanted to build a computer? Want something that doesn’t cost much? Better yet, something really small you can put most anywhere? That’s exactly what the Raspberry Pi 4 offers. While you can buy the parts separately, you’ll probably want to get a kit as it includes everything […]