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  • Tech News Digest for October 18, 2019

    For two solid days it rained here in paradise. Not fun for us desert dwellers. Meanwhile, it was Google’s week to announce a series of new products. Facebook released a new Portal as well. Alexa can now speak Spanish and I love it! Unleash a crocodile in your pool! OK, maybe just the head. […]

  • Controlling My Garden With Orbit B-hyve WiFi Sprinkler System

    I have a little garden at my home and I’m doing my best to grow a few herbs. When the house was built over a decade ago, a controller was installed for managing the sprinkler system in the garden. It worked, though I didn’t have the faintest idea how to make adjustments. Then something […]

  • A Very Special European Vacation

    When I wrote the Building A Computer Is Normally Easy But Not Always post, I mentioned a big vacation that I’d describe in a future post. Time to share stories about the vacation. It all came about thanks to a client who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. No, it wasn’t anything […]

  • Tech News Digest for October 11, 2019

    Would you like a side of fries or a game of Doom with that? Is the Surface Duo a phone and why brought Android to Microsoft devices? How do you weigh a whale? MacOS Catalina is here, but it doesn’t play well with Adobe apps. These and many more headlines are below. Click on the The post Tech […]

  • Three Products to Prepare for Online Training

    My fiancé is preparing to do some online teaching and she asked me for some recommendations. Each of the products I reference will include an Amazon link. Yes, I get a commission if you buy something. While I have not purchased these products, she has purchased them all at the listed price. […]

  • Tech News Digest for October 4, 2019

    After ten countries in a very short span, I’m settled back in and getting caught up on work. We have a lot of new products from both Amazon and Microsoft in the news. Throw in a new GoPro camera and a new Skydio drone. Apple has a new version of iOS. Microsoft has a new The post Tech News […]

  • Cables to Keep SATA Drives in the Fast Lane

    Yesterday I shared some of the many problems I had building my new computer in the Building A Computer Is Normally Easy But Not Always post. One very small detail I didn’t talk about was some new cables so I’ll cover them today. Yes, I’ll provide links to buy them on Amazon and I […]

  • Building A Computer Is Normally Easy But Not Always

    Loyal readers may remember two posts I wrote back in May about building a new computer. As a refresher, they are Building a Fast Computer Starts With These Parts and More Components for Building a Fast Computer. I spent a lot of time researching the various parts I wanted for a computer. Partly it […]

  • Tech News Digest for September 20, 2019

    This week’s news is very abbreviated and comes after a few weeks with no news. I’ve been doing a lot of travel where I had little to no Internet connection. Combine that with some computer issues and it means nothing new for nearly a month. Posts should be back on schedule soon and […]

  • Valera Creator 95: Collapsible Green Screen for Streaming

    We’ve all seen the special effects in movies where a character looks to be in a very unrealistic situation. Of course it was filmed in front of a green screen and then the situation was digitally inserted using chroma key technology. I’ll tell you about a product that allows you to do […]

  • Tech News Digest for August 16, 2019

    Adobe wants to compete with Corel’s Painter. More than 100 megapixels in a phone camera? How do the scammers online make money? Elvis’ car is for sale! Automattic buys Tumblr. These stories and many more are covered in this week’s news. Click on the headlines to read the full […]

  • Measure Power Usage With Kill A Watt Monitor

    If you wander through your house or office, you’ll product find a huge number of devices plugged into an outlet and using electricity. How much are they using? We’ll discuss a way to monitor their usage. Yes, I’ll get a small commission if your purchase using the links provided. […]

  • Tech News Digest for August 9, 2019

    Samsung had the biggest headlines of the week for sure. They released two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy Book S and the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Is a fitness tracker a better answer for you than a smart watch? Do you have an ancient WordPress site? Are you still running Windows […]

  • WAVLINK USB 3.0 to SATA Docking Station

    I’ve talked about various solutions for connecting a bare hard drive externally to your computer in previous posts. They were just some flavor of cabling. Today I’ll look at a docking station that makes the solution a lot more elegant while also adding features. Yes, I’ll provide […]

  • Why We Deactivated Comments on Graphics Unleashed

    When I first starting writing the Graphics Unleashed Blog in 2005, I was excited to have a way to start a conversation and have others continue that conversation via commenting. There have been a few good conversations, but many posts didn’t receive a single comment. There have been a handful […]