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  • Tech News Digest for November 26, 2021

    Great gifts, photo privacy, holiday scams, Android 12, Apple M1 chips, net neutrality, all-glass iPhone, hulk hands and Internet history. Those are only a sampling of the many topics covered in this week’s news. Check out the full list of headlines below and click to get the full story. If you […]

  • Some Great Black Friday Deals For Your 2021 Shopping

    Each year I try to find some of the best Black Friday deals available and share them with readers. Some of these deals are already under way while others won’t be available until Black Friday arrives. While I do my best to verify all the deals before posting, it is possible the retailers change […]

  • Digital Design Digest for November 23, 2021

    Metaverse, marketing, State of the Word, Pagely, DJI Mavic 3, epic prank, irradiation illusion, Instagram cash, Mac n Cheese and turkey tails. For those of you in the US, this is likely a very short work week. For those celebrating, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Below are the headlines for the […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 19, 2021

    Surge protectors, Black Friday deals, porch pirates, Android 12, Windows 11, RadWagon, power banks, fun gifts and pickleball. This week is again absolutely chock full of news as well as some products that may interest you. Yes, we earn a commission if you use the Amazon links provided and we thank […]

  • Switching to an Updated Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

    It was about two (2) weeks ago that I ran into a problem with my keyboard. The “2” key on the top row (also the @ key) became far more difficult to use. I even popped off the key top and it went flying across the room. There was some dog hair and dust I The post Switching to an Updated […]

  • Digital Design Digest for November 16, 2021

    Link building tools, divided WordPress, gifts for creatives, photo printing services, Twitter Blue, Lensii, Kakigori and Pompeii menu. Those topics only scratch the surface of what is included in this week’s news. Make sure to check out all the headlines below. Yes, we’ve included some gifts […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 12, 2021

    TVs, gadgets, white elephants, DarkSide, REvil, WiFi, Hubble crash, Metaverse, iPhone 14, exercise gear, Channel 37 and dust devils. Need to find the perfect gift, even if it is for yourself? There are a lot of great ideas included in this week’s news. Yes, there are a bunch of Amazon links and […]

  • Crank It To 12 With Intel Core i9-12900K CPU

    It was only a couple of months ago that I selected a CPU for running Windows 11. As with all things technology, things change very fast. Intel has released their latest and greatest and it brings significant speed increases. Let’s take a look at the new processor and some new motherboard options. […]

  • Digital Design Digest for November 9, 2021

    AMP, Technical SEO, jQuery, WordCamp Y’all, PNG/JPG upscaler, influencer gifts, Meta, Gump, turkey, crock pot and coffee gifts. It is time to get ready for holiday shopping whether you are selling or you need to find something for everyone on your list. We’ve got you covered in this week’s […]

  • Tech News Digest for November 5, 2021

    Polaroid, Black Friday deals, leaked passwords, VPNs, cryptocurrency, chip shortage, Moore’s Law, Matter, Pixel 6 Pro and King Tut. It’s hard for me to believe we’re already in November and the end of 2021 is near. Check out all the latest news and some great deals listed below. Just click on […]

  • Stream Your Content With Fire TV Stick 4K Max

    With each passing day, more people receive video content via streaming. If you want to watch that content on a TV, you need some type of device to provide the streaming content. Today we’ll look at the latest offering from Amazon. Yes, I’ll include some links to purchase that earn me a tiny […]

  • Digital Design Digest for November 2, 2021

    Remote working scam, SEO glossary, WooCommerce, Flexible FAQs, Adobe on the Web, Facebook, Meta, Witch Cakes and TV dinners. We’re now past Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos and Black Friday is just around the corner. Make sure to check out all the news of the last week listed below and click on a […]

  • Tech News Digest for October 29, 2021

    Smart thermostats, Alder Lake CPUs, Gmail, Windows 10, TV resolutions, electric cars, iPhone 13 setup, Vikings, Dune and lots of Halloween. We’ve got a lot of spooky good news this week so make sure to check out the full list below. If a product discussed is available on Amazon, I’ve included […]

  • Grow Your Own Indoor Garden With AeroGarden

    There are times when I’m not at my computer. I know, that may be hard to believe. One thing I’ve tried to do in the past few years is to grow a garden. Today, I’ll share an option that anyone can use to grow a garden indoors. Yes, it will have Amazon links from which The post Grow Your Own […]

  • Digital Design Digest for October 26, 2021

    Blog content strategy, Google quality, Website accessibility, WordPress speed, BBC logos, Pinterest sale, Facebook name and oysters. You’ll find a lot of great information this week so make sure to check out all the stories we’ve included below. Read this post on the Web site! Tech News Digest […]