Olive Oil Site Makeover Has Led to Huge Sales Increase

Olive Oil Site Makeover Has Led to Huge Sales Increase


Back in May 2018, we gave the site for Cave Creek Olive Oil a tasty makeover. Exactly two years ago I wrote Giving Olive Oil Site a Tasty Makeover about the process. Now that two years have passed, we’re going to revisit the site to measure the sales improvement. Go ahead and check out Cave Creek Olive Oil.

At the end of the makeover post, I wrote the following:

Early in the project I was asked by the owner if I felt this would increase their sales by 10%. I smiled and said I would be very disappointed if we only saw a 10% increase. I’m fully expecting their online sales to double with the new site.

Quantifying Improvement

As we didn’t have access to their previous site’s sales data, we don’t know the exact dollar amount of sales. We can only go by what the owner said in a testimonial posted on Google in July 2019 (after just over a year of the new site).

We MUST MENTION and HIGHLIGHT that our sales have dramatically increased, in fact they’ve tripled on the new site Foster has created for us. We are truly amazed by the results.

We’ll take the owner’s word that sales on the new site were much higher than on the previous site. By their quote, sales had tripled. Now we have real data where we can compare the first year of the new site to the second year of the new site. Ideally we want to see even more sales growth over time. For the store’ privacy, I’m not going to share dollar amounts. Instead we’ll compare the same months a year later. Let’s look at the chart first and then I’ll discuss a few of the most important numbers and how this was achieved.

Online Sales Improvement

May 2018 was the first month of sales on the new site so it isn’t a huge shock to see sales more than tripled in May 2019. The more important number is seeing a 150% increase in June sales. Why is this so important? In June the store celebrates their anniversary and promotes it heavily via social media. That increase alone paid for the makeover!

November and December are always big months due to holiday shopping. November 2019 only increased slightly over November 2018. But we saw December sales nearly double. Keep in mind these increases can mean more because those are months with higher sales overall.

There was one month over month drop and that was in February 2020. But it was followed by the biggest gain in March 2020. March was also the month when COVID-19 kept many people at home. The retail store remained open, but the retail store traffic was down considerably. April 2020 didn’t show as large of a percentage increase, but it was the third highest dollar amount of the two years tracked.

Overall, the second year more than doubled over the first year. Due to COVID-19, this online growth was a big help to the store as they could more easily shift some of their sales online. Now that we’ve gone over the numbers, let’s talk about some of the reasons.

Reasons for Growth

Improving the Web site was important, but promotion of the site was probably even more important to the continued growth. Katie Leiler Consulting sent promotions on Facebook, Instagram and via Email Marketing. Not only did these promotions improve the online sales, they were also used to increase foot traffic into the store. What the numbers shared above don’t include are the in-store sales increases.

Cave Creek Olive Oil Ingredient ListWhile the site does include a dedicated store section, a goal was to also integrate the products into all parts of the site. Looking at popular search topics, we knew integrating the products into recipes would be a great way to bring in visitors and to promote products. First, links to specific products is included in the recipe’s ingredient list as you can see in the example at right. Below the recipe (see below), each of the products is listed so it can easily be added to the shopping cart.

Cave Creek Olive Oil Recipe Products

Since the online store was re-launched in May 2018, quite a few products have been added. As of this writing, they have a total of 217 products in the store. A very small number may not always be active as they are seasonal oils only available for part of the year. Online gift cards were a major category added to the store in fall 2019. Add in spices, sauces and gourmet food and you’ve got a wide range of culinary treats from which to select.

Cave Creek Olive Oil Gift Cards

Will sales double again in the third year of the online store? It is possible, but I don’t think it will double. At this point we are only half of a month into that third year and the early returns are very positive. May 2020 already has more than double the sales of May 2019.

Do you have great products and an under-performing online store? We’d love to talk to you and see if it is a good candidate for a makeover. Check out what we offer for e-commerce and request a quote.

Perfect Landing Page for Utah Airport FBO

Perfect Landing Page for Utah Airport FBO


I first met the Gardiner family more than 25 years ago. One thing I knew from the beginning is that flying and airplanes was a big part of the family. In fact, the family business was running a FBO (fixed based operator) at the Vernal, Utah airport. What they didn’t have for a long time was a Web site.

When the patriarch, John, passed away; Dinaland Aviation was taken over by his kids. Each of them assumed a specific role and Russ wanted to get a Web site in place. Our goal as a start was a single landing page that covered the most important information pilots needed. We’ll add new pages over time as new content is created.

Dinaland Aviation FAQ

When a pilot is planning to visit Vernal, there is a specific set of information that could be important to them. Most of that information is included in an FAQ accordion. When they click on a specific section, it will expand with details on that item. In the example above, it shows the local weather followed by the other section titles.

Dinaland Aviation Fuel Prices

From our discussions, the most important piece of information was the current price of fuel. Not only did it need to be displayed prominently, it has to be easy for the folks at Dinaland to update the prices without my assistance. A row was created above the site footer (see example above) that displays the prices and it can be embedded on other pages as desired. It was set up using the Divi theme so that Dinaland could change the prices with only a very minimal amount of training.

Of course the site was launched during the COVID-19 shutdown when the airport is receiving a minimal number of flights. When the planes are ready for takeoff, the site will be ready for them!

New Look For Neighborhood Wine Bar

New Look For Neighborhood Wine Bar


I was enjoying dinner at the neighborhood wine bar last December when the owner approached and asked me a few questions about their Web site. It was originally built using GoDaddy’s Website Builder and now they were having trouble making changes to it. Some ideas were bounced back and forth to come up with a plan for a makeover. Let’s first look at the old home page.

Wine Cellar Nopolo Home Before

While it didn’t look horrible, there were definitely ways we could freshen up the look. Unfortunately the information was outdated and the site didn’t work well on mobile devices. Given that it is also a popular spot for dinner, it was also important to show off some of their most popular dishes. Below is a portion of the new home page with updated info and photos that make you hungry. For those outside of Mexico, note that the prices are in pesos!

Wine Cellar Nopolo Home After

Not only does the new design look better, it was designed so that it works every bit as well on mobile devices. This is important for good Google rankings, but also important to the many people who browse on their phones.

Previously only a portion of the menu was available on the site and the prices had changed since their were posted. Below you’ll see a portion of the old menu page.

Wine Cellar Nopolo Menu Before

There are actually multiple menus that need to be presented. Food menus are available in both English and Spanish. Wines have two menus, one by the bottle and the other by the glass. What we didn’t know when the makeover plan was implemented was that COVID-19 would require all food to be carry-out or delivery.

Thankfully everything was designed in a way that made the transition easy. We simply needed to add a little information about changes in the law and more contact links. Below is the top part of the new menu page and each page of the menus are displayed below this on the site.

Wine Cellar Nopolo Menu After

For those of us living in the neighborhood, we know exactly where to find Wine Cellar. But that isn’t always the case for someone coming from outside of the area. Their previous design had a couple of versions of the map. One zoomed way out the show the location of Loreto and another showing how to get to the restaurant.

Wine Cellar Nopolo Visit Before

Yes, the map was very important and we decided to embed a live Google map into the new site so visitors were able to zoom in and out as needed. A side benefit is that it links to the Wine Cellar’s Google My Business page. A contact form was also included so questions could be asked or orders could be placed for carry-out and delivery.

Wine Cellar Nopolo Contact After

Once a site is released, some clients prefer to make minor changes themselves. Ofter designers will cringe as those attempts at changes can change the look of the site or even break it. Even though this client had zero WordPress experience, I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to change some of the text when local laws changed. This was at least in part because the site was designed so that even a novice could find what they needed to change.

This site was a very small project, but the timing of the makeover couldn’t have come at a better time. It allowed the restaurant to keep food coming as the locals were practicing social distancing. Give the new site a look and stop in the next time you are in the neighborhood.

If your site is in need of a makeover, reach out with the details and maybe we can help you!

Just a WordPress Website Makeover

Just a WordPress Website Makeover


Before we talk about the makeover, I need to tell the story of how this project happened. Roll the clock back to 2015 and I saw a post on Facebook about a free book written by Jinx Schwartz. That was around the time I started to read books on Kindle so a free book was very appealing. Even better that the story sounded fun to me. I read the book, Just Deserts if you’re curious, and really enjoyed it. At the end of the book was a link to the author’s Web site and let’s just say it needed some help.

Divi WordPress ThemeSoon after I’d read the book, I started using the Divi theme to build WordPress Websites. I wanted to build a site where I could learn Divi and try out new things. For me, building a site for Jinx Schwartz was an obvious choice. Once I had the first draft of the site finished, I sent her a link. While she was interested in using the site I’d build, nothing happened. Every now and then I’d try out something new on the site. If there was a problem, it really wan’t a problem since nobody knew about the site.

Time passed. I’ve now read more of the books (I’ve now read 12 of them). Occasionally Jinx and I would trade an email about making the site live. She was the writer, her husband Mad Dog was the tech person so I’d need to work with him. He fell ill in 2017 and passed away that March. Jinx kept writing books, but the Website was on the back burner for a bit. Then as I’m walking the streets of Loreto in December of 2018, I ran into Jinx. It was the first time we’d actually met in person!

Jinx Schwartz and Foster Coburn

The project got back on track, but we still had a major issue. Like with many clients, she wasn’t sure hot to login the the registrar for her domain name. Until we solved that, nothing could be done. More time passed and we finally got it done in 2020. Within hours, the new site finally went live.

The Old Site

The screenshot below was taken just a few hours before the new site went live. Four of her books weren’t on the site at all and one book had a broken graphic. The design also left a lot to be desired.

Jinx Schwartz Old Home Page

The New Site

First and foremost, the new design had to put her books front and center. I wanted to make sure the new books would automatically appear on the home page from newest to oldest. The new site had to work well on all devices, specifically phones and tablets. I also thought it would be good to have a dedicated page for each of the books showing the cover, the description and a link to get the book from Amazon. Divi’s project feature was perfect for this!

Jinx Schwartz New Home Page

Mission accomplished! Check out the new site and get yourselves copies of Jinx’s books. They are a fun read!

Notification About Cookies for Privacy Laws

Notification About Cookies for Privacy Laws


Two big laws have been passed covering privacy online and more are sure to come in the future. While most Web site owners are happy to comply with the laws, they struggle with how to do it easily. Let’s see if we can at least cover the basics with minimal effort.

The two existing laws are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which took effect on May 25, 2018 and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which takes effect on January 1, 2020. We are not lawyers and do not take this post as legal advice. We are simply providing one possible tool for complying with these new laws.

One part of GDPR is notifying site users that you are using cookies. A tool to assist with compliance of that part of the law is Cookie Notice for GDPR. While it does not explicitly mention CCPA, our feeling is that it will also cover the upcoming law in future updates.

Cookie Notice for GDPR

To start, add the Cookie Notice for GDPR plugin to your site. It is free! Once you have it installed, go to the Settings and configure how you want it to work on your site. This includes the message it displays, color schemes, type of button and whether or not it links to your privacy policy. In total, it should take less than five minutes to have it up and running.

No, this does not magically bring your site into compliance. But it does handle one step of the process very quickly and at a price we all like—FREE!