Web Hosting

Web HostingWith any Web site, it needs to be hosted somewhere. There are thousands of choices and each choice does things just a little bit differently. If we are going to design and edit your site, we’d prefer to host the site for you and will do so at a price that is very economical.

By hosting your site for you, we don’t have to learn all the ins and outs required to configure your site on another host’s platform. This allows us to spend less time working on your site and will save you money in the long run.

Web hosting is not a service we sell separately, it is a service we offer only to our Web site design clients. We work with various hosting platforms to get you the best site hosting for your needs. We’ll work with you to find the hosting plan that provides the best bang for your bucks.

We have a GoDaddy Pro account which allows us to provide you with more comprehensive service on your Web hosting as well as managing your own GoDaddy account. Click on the button at right to connect to our account.

  • Account access – Typically, the average professional uses a spreadsheet to organize a client’s account information and credit card. With the new product, the client can give the pro access to their account, but not their private information.
  • Shared shopping carts – So many business owners don’t have the faintest clue what tools to buy  to build a website. Now, an owner can hire a GoDaddy Pro to choose products for them, leave it in the shopping cart then check out at their convenience.
  • Site monitoring – Website performance and uptime alerts are automated.
  • Client dashboard – GoDaddy Pros can manage all of their clients and products in one place instead of logging in and out of different accounts.
  • Pro support and training – GoDaddy Pros have a direct line to a team of highly trained technical agents and priority in the queue.
  • Hosting products – GoDaddy Pro can be coupled with GoDaddy Pro features in hosting products including, site staging, automated backups and security features.