There are some clients that have been with Unleashed for a very, very long time. Someone who attended one of our seminars backs in the early 90s has kept in touch over the years. Most recently it was to update a Web site that hadn’t changed much in years. Below is the old home page and the only real graphic is the logo. You’ll also note that the copyright claims 2004.


Given that the seminar the client had attended was all about graphics, the site was definitely in need of more graphics. It also needed an updated look that included responsive design. The new home page shows off the business better and is much more inviting to visitors as you can see below.


With this type of consulting business, the person doing the consulting is extremely important. The old resume (below) was monochromatic other than the profile picture.


After the makeover, the curriculum vitae has a much fresher look and even offers a PDF version for download.


This is a type of business where a lot of the work is very technical and probably doesn’t look interesting to someone outside the industry. Even looking at a list of services can leave those outside the industry a little confused. On the old site, there was nothing more than a basic list of services (see below).


The new page (below) has the updated look, but each of the services links to a dedicated page with detail information on that specific service.


Now when people need to understand a little bit more, they can click on an area of expertise to learn more about it. In addition to the updated pages, new pages were added to explain expertise to visitors as well as past projects and their conclusions.

One thing that helped keep the costs lower for the client was their graphics expertise. We provided specifications for various graphics and they provided us with a file ready to use on the Web site. Make sure to visit the new Drebelbis Engineering site to see all that was done. When you are ready for us to give your site a makeover, contact us with an overview of your needs.

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