Front Row Seat at the Circus Web and Blog Makeover

Many years ago Foster was involved in a philanthropic organization in Phoenix for men under 40. While in that group, he befriended another member who was an up and coming television journalist. That was more than fifteen years ago and they only kept in touch via social media in recent years.

Jim Heath is that journalist and he had built a popular blog focusing on the “circus” of politics in the United States along with a book detailing his coverage of the previous two Presidential elections.

The previous blog page had a real problem with formatting of posts in the sidebar as you can see in the screenshot below.


Notice how some of the lines are text are only a single character which makes it nearly impossible to read and limits the number of posts that are visible. We were able to import all of the old posts (Jim did the actual import with our direction) in only a few minutes. He put a little polish on them to make them look better on the new site and the result is shown below.


This is a huge visual and functional improvement over the old site and should allow his readership to increase greatly, especially since he is covering the latest election cycle.

Previously his book sat on the dedicated frontrowseatatthecircus.com domain and it was only a single page site. While the old page didn’t have the visual problems found on the blog, it still left a lot to be desired as you can see below.


We didn’t make a lot of changes to the content of the page during the transition other than being part of the overall look of the new site. Just because it is together with all of his blog content, the book should get a lot more exposure. Below is the updated book page.


This was another project that was turned around in just three days time. Given the election news cycle, it was very important to makeover the site as quickly as possible so that Jim could benefit from the new site in the heart of this year’s election.

Now that the blog and book sites have been combined and made over, Jim is working on adding even more content to the site for those who love his political coverage. We’re happy to help him continue to build his platform into a political news force.

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