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Makeover of Christmas Festival Web Site

When we were contacted about making over the site for a local Christmas festival, it was easy to see things that could be improved. The site had used one of the popular do-it-yourself "Web site builders" which limited the look of the site (shown below). The first...
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Mobile Makeover for JC Printing Web Site

With more than half of all Web traffic coming via mobile devices, it is increasingly important to have a site that works well on mobile. Google also encourages mobile-friendly sites by giving them higher ranking than sites that aren't mobile friendly. The JC Printing...
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SSL Certificate Required for Credit Cards, Beneficial For All

In a previous post, Important Decisions When Developing An E-Commerce Web Site, many aspects of developing an e-commerce site were discussed. A small part of those post covered the acceptance of payments. In this post you'll learn more about SSL Certificates and their...
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Important Decisions When Developing An E-Commerce Web Site

There are many elements that go into a successful e-commerce Web site. Yes, it needs to look great. Sadly there are many sites that are in dire need of a makeover. It also needs to be mobile friendly as more and more visitors are using mobile devices. Plus Google will...
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Drebelbis Engineering Web Site Makeover

There are some clients that have been with Unleashed for a very, very long time. Someone who attended one of our seminars backs in the early 90s has kept in touch over the years. Most recently it was to update a Web site that hadn't changed much in years. Below is the...
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Front Row Seat at the Circus Web and Blog Makeover

Many years ago Foster was involved in a philanthropic organization in Phoenix for men under 40. While in that group, he befriended another member who was an up and coming television journalist. That was more than fifteen years ago and they only kept in touch via...
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VJ Properties Web Site Makeover Part 1

Each project we undertake has a different flavor. The latest project has two parts to the makeover and today the first part will be discussed. We were originally contacted by the client on a Monday and the project was discussed. Things were finalized on Tuesday and we...
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Kenn Cross Concepts Web Site Makeover

With most Web site makeovers, a company is simply seeking to improve their online presence. In the case of Kenn Cross Concepts, the business had also changed from interior and landscaping design services to one that also featured a furniture store. The goal was to...
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Sun Visors Etc Web Site Makeover

Sun Visors Etc isn't technically a makeover since the site it was designed to replace is still active. The original site is built using one of the big build your own store sites. It was scheduled to go out of business at the end of January 2015 leaving store owners...
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Soaring Spirit Studio Web Site Makeover

When Karen Friend of Soaring Spirit Studio came to us, her Web site hadn't been updated in many years. Part of the reason it wasn't being updated was the difficulty of making changes due to the fixed design of the original site. Each page of the site was carefully...
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