Social Networking

Are you set up to share the secret of your success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Digg, Yelp, etc.? Do you care? You should! A cohesive branding across social media platforms guarantees that your online presence counts and visitors will remember you. Let us help with that!

Do you have a blog where you can post information of interest to your customers? We’ll help you set up a blog and connect it to platforms that help the posts reach the largest number of readers and potential customers.

In year’s past businesses focused on Yellow Page ads, newspaper ads, radio and television. Now there are numerous ways to hold conversations directly with your potential customers via social networking. If you simply use old methods and “sell” to them, they will tune you out. We’ll help you develop a game plan for holding conversations that will grow your customer base via the social networks.

Blog Publishing

BlogWhat is a blog? The term is short for Web log and it is much like a journal that can be read by anyone on the Web. You choose if you want to post monthly, weekly, daily or several times a day. Remember that each blog post is a separate Web page that can be found by the search engines. Each post can also be shared on your social networks.

As part of designing a Web site for you, we can integrate a blog. We’ll work with you so that you know how to create a post. Don’t worry, it isn’t any more difficult than entering some text and a picture into a word processor. Then we’ll connect your blog to services that will expand the reach so that as many potential customers as possible will see it.

E-Mail Marketing

Email MarketingE-mail marketing can be a very powerful tool for communicating with your customers and potential customers. If done incorrectly, you can be labeled a spammer.

We’ll help you choose the appropriate e-mail service for your needs. Once you have a service, your list of customers can be invited to that list. Purchasing lists is a perfect way to get labeled a spammer.

Once the account is set up, we’ll work with you to develop e-mails your customers want to receive. This is a great way to keep your company’s name in front of your customers so that they will continue to turn to you in the future.


FacebookFacebook is the biggest social network and it represents a great way for you to have a conversation with your customers and potential customers. Posting content of interest and conversing with visitors is important. We’ll help you develop a strategy that works for your business. This will include creating a great cover photo and profile photo that represents your business or brand. We can even create posts for you and interact with customers or we can simply provide you the direction and let you do the posting.


TwitterInteracting on Twitter can greatly improve the presence of your brand. How it all works isn’t always evident to new Twitter users so we’ll work with you so that you can get the most from it. We’ll also help you design a header graphic that works for all types of displays (it can be tricky) as well as a profile photo. If you would like more help, we can write tweets for you and even set up an automated stream of tweets.

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