What is a Firewall? Understanding What They Are and Which Type is Right For You

What is a Firewall? Understanding What They Are and Which Type is Right For You

You already know that your computer needs protection, and you’re likely doing what you can to keep it safe (we hope). But in addition to your computer, online servers also need protecting. Otherwise, they’re especially vulnerable to an attack. How are hackers and malicious traffic kept at bay whether you’re protecting a computer, network or server? With firewalls.

In its simplest terms, a firewall is like a virtual bouncer. It provides protection between the computer and…well, everything else. Let’s start with a little internet 101. Whenever you use your computer to visit a website, you’re connecting to another type of computer: a web server. And since servers are, essentially, computers, they’re vulnerable to the same types of attacks that your personal computer is.

You wouldn’t connect to another device – like a stranger’s computer or iPhone – without some sort of protection in between, right? If you did, you’d worry that they could steal your information or somehow attack your device. The same goes for connecting to a web server. And from the web server’s point of view, it needs protection between itself and the thousands of connections it makes with computers every day.

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