Using the Urgent-Important Matrix to Increase Productivity

Using the Urgent-Important Matrix to Increase Productivity

When you’re overwhelmed with everything you haven’t done yet, it’s easy to get your priorities mixed up. If someone is waiting for you to complete a task, you may feel like that’s the most important item on your list. If that task is secondary to a bigger priority of yours, though, you may be better off pushing it back on your calendar. Also, having 10 things that you haven’t done yet can be so stressful that they all feel equally important. By calmly going over your to-dos, you’ll be able to see them for what they are. Broken down, they’ll range from super important and your number one priority to, “Oh, this one actually doesn’t matter.” The urgent important matrix – also called the Eisenhower Matrix – is an extremely basic, yet highly useful tool for sorting your tasks. Focus on what’s important without being distracted by everything else.

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