Using the Divi Call to Action Module vs Separate Modules

Using the Divi Call to Action Module vs Separate Modules

In Divi, we provide an array of native modules for you to craft stunning and potent web pages. Combining sections, rows, and columns allows you to combine these modules to produce distinct and fashionable designs. A prime illustration of this can be seen when crafting call-to-action (CTA) prompts. In marketing, a CTA draws attention and prompts viewers to make a specific decision. Some commonplace CTA phrases that you may recognize include ‘buy now’, ‘click here’, and ‘read more’.

A CTA typically links to another webpage where the encouraged activity occurs. When you come across a CTA online, it generally features a title, supportive text, and a button. Such attributes can be found in our Call to Action Module. That said, there might be instances when you need to create a CTA but don’t want to use the native module. In this post, we’ll compare using the Divi Call to Action Module vs independent Modules in the Divi Builder!

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