Top 7 Content Collaboration Platforms for your Business

Top 7 Content Collaboration Platforms for your Business

Businesses of all sizes produce content daily. When it comes to content collaboration platforms for business, you’ve heard of the usual suspects like Dropbox and Google Drive. Many more exist, though, some even integrating with your other content tools, as well as a host of business tools.

Audiences are hungry for content, and brands work hard to meet those needs. There are all types of content your business may be producing:

  • Cross-promotional materials
  • Editorials
  • Infographics
  • Logos
  • Plans and proposals
  • Podcasts
  • Sales decks
  • Social media images and videos
  • Training materials

Where can you store, access, update and manage all of this content, though? And unless you’re working on a team of one, what’s the most efficient way for you and your team or clients to collaborate on a project? Content collaboration platforms are a popular solution, ranging from ones with limited, focused features to full-scale tools that can run almost every part of your business. Overall, the following platforms will make your content process more efficient.

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