The Ultimate Guide to Reddit Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Using Reddit

The Ultimate Guide to Reddit Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Using Reddit

Reddit is a user-created social news aggregator that’s referred to as the front page of the Internet. That’s a nod to the front page of a newspaper, where you find the most important information for the day. Basically, Reddit is an enormous collection of forums on practically any topic you can think of, and niches of that topic, and then niches of that topic, too.

People share advice, complaints, experiences, insights, news – anything they want. They also comment on or respond to other people’s posts. A lot of people share links on Reddit, too, and if a link makes its way to a popular Reddit page, it can get enough attention to crash servers. Used correctly, Reddit can be a marketer’s dream.

However, Reddit functions in a totally different way from other social platforms you’re used to. Its users expect a much different experience from what you deliver via something like Facebook or LinkedIn. Brands are catching on, though, and they’re starting to use Reddit for marketing and to speak directly to Reddit users from other platforms. For example, Budweiser has a YouTube video where they specifically reference Reddit users.

Knowing how to use Reddit is just as important as knowing what not to do. Branded content doesn’t always perform well on Reddit, because it’s not a gathering space for people to connect with brands. Instead, it’s a gathering space for people to connect with people. And that also makes it an ideal place to humanize your brand.

Here’s everything you need to know about Reddit marketing and advertising. We cover getting started, learning your way around Reddit and choosing the techniques that are right for your business.

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