The Best Code Snippet Plugins for WordPress

The Best Code Snippet Plugins for WordPress

There’s a running joke among programmers that software development is 10-20% knowing how to code and 80-90% knowing how to search the internet for an answer or code snippet. Thankfully, lots of people post those code snippets on their websites for others to use and modify. If you’re one of the helpful coders who figures out problems and wants to share the resulting code, we have a slew of WordPress plugins here that can help post those code snippets in an easy-to-read and copy format.

Whether you want to display code in a single block for your readers or in-line as part of a discussion where you can point out specific elements of the code, there’s a plugin for you. You can handle this manually by adjusting your functions.php file, but even though we often suggest a manual approach to some things in WordPress, plugins are definitely the way to go for this feature.

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