How Working With Nano Influencers Boosts Brand Awareness

How Working With Nano Influencers Boosts Brand Awareness

For many brands, influencer marketing has quickly become an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Many marketers mistakenly believe they’ll be more successful working with well known influencers. However, working with nano influencers can get your brand seen by small, highly targeted niche audiences for a fraction of the cost.

Nano influencers have a small following on social media–usually 10,000 followers or fewer, though opinions vary. Many nano influencers focus on non-traditional topics, products, and causes. They have highly engaged audiences who are looking for relevant content concerning their specific interests.

Although nano influencers work on a variety of social media platforms, they’re often associated with Instagram. For our purposes, we’ll focus primarily on Instagram influencers in this article.

Aside from being affordable, a nano influencer can help your brand build some much-needed traction as you grow. Let’s take a look at how nano influencers can help boost your brand awareness and help you expand your audience.

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