How We Boosted Our Divi Online Store Sales

How We Boosted Our Divi Online Store Sales

This article is part 2 of a 2-part series written by the founders of Divi Den. In part 1 of this series, Kyra, my co-founder and lead designer at Divi Den, tells the colorful story of how we walked eyes-wide-shut into creating products for the Divi theme. She talks candidly about the practical lessons we learned. Many of which can be applied to your own online business.

In this second part, I write about how we tweaked and optimized our online store to keep growing and succeed as a business.

My name is Christiaan. I am the team lead and conversion rate specialist at Divi Den. Kyra and I have founded 3 different startups together since 2005. We’ve done this while traveling all over the world. Being location independent is a huge benefit of earning your income online. For our backstory and global escapades, read The Divi Den Story.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to work so closely together. Somehow, our skills are just complementary. Throw in a little bit of love and romance (we’re married) and for some people, it becomes a ticking time bomb. But not for us, it seems. I think we truly appreciate how lucky we are, and that keeps our feet on the ground.

Now that you have a bit more context, let me elaborate on our efforts to grow our Divi startup.

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