How to Use the WordPress TikTok Embed Block

How to Use the WordPress TikTok Embed Block

The TikTok embed block is a feature in the WordPress Block Editor that allows users to embed a video directly from TikTok so it displays in your blog post or page. It’s a simple way for users to include impactful or entertaining short video content into written content. If you want to embed a TikTok video into your blog, WordPress makes it easy.

TikTok is a popular, video-based social media app that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The platform features entertaining and educational short-form videos. Although it’s still a fairly new app, it boasts a large, global user base of 732 million active monthly users.

As one of the leading social media apps today, TikTok has made waves for audiences all over the world. It’s the home of numerous well-known viral videos and trends. The platform has also launched the careers of a number of influencers, creators, entrepreneurs, and performers.

Adding a TikTok embed to your blog can take your content to the next level. For creators who prefer using multiple forms of content, the ability to embed a TikTok video on your blog opens up a world of new possibilities. You can choose to share other creators’ content or post your own cross-platform.

In this post, we’ll walk you through each step for successfully embedding a TikTok video in your WordPress blog. You’ll learn how to add the TikTok embed blog to your post or page, settings and options within the embed block, and tips and best practices. We’ll also be answering some frequently asked questions.

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