How to Use the WordPress Spotify Embed Block

How to Use the WordPress Spotify Embed Block

The WordPress Spotify embed block lets you add all sorts of musical goodies to your WordPress posts and pages. You can embed albums, playlists, podcasts or tracks, and anyone will be able to listen to them when visiting your site. They’ll hear a 30-second preview before being prompted to take the next step, like logging in or signing up. Also, you don’t actually need a paid Spotify account to embed music or podcasts, which means you can cater to your audience without adding another subscription to your monthly budget.

There are a number of reasons to want to embed Spotify links in your WordPress post or page:

  • Promote a creative project of your own (or someone else’s)
  • Connect your audience with content you know they’ll love
  • Provide samples of music or a podcast you’re critiquing or reviewing
  • Enhance your page with multimedia for your visitors’ listening pleasure

In this article, we’re going to walk you through how to add a Spotify embed block to a WordPress post or page and how to add all sorts of Spotify links to it. We’ll also cover tips, best practices and FAQs.

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