How to Reveal an Options Dropdown After Checking a Box in Your Divi Contact Form

How to Reveal an Options Dropdown After Checking a Box in Your Divi Contact Form

Divi’s contact form is a very versatile module that allows you to collect information and correspondence from your website visitors. By using the conditional logic settings built into Divi’s contact form module, you can easily create complex and dynamic forms for your website. This feature allows you to reveal additional fields depending on the answers given for the previous fields in your contact form so that you can collect additional information or present follow-up questions that may only be relevant depending on a prior answer. For example, you might have a checkbox to indicate interest in the services you provide. If the checkbox is selected, you can reveal a dropdown for users to select the type of service they want, or to give you additional information. By using conditional logic, you are also hiding fields that may not be relevant to every user, making the form simpler and more approachable, and increasing the likelihood of someone completing the form.

There are so many use cases for adding conditional logic to the form, no matter what type of website you have, and it can help improve the overall user experience on your site. In this tutorial, we will show you how to reveal an options dropdown after checking a box in your Divi contact form. Let’s get started!

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