How to Push a WordPress Development Site Live

How to Push a WordPress Development Site Live

Knowing how to Push a WordPress development (dev) site live is crucial for maintaining uptime while updating your site. This is particularly helpful for agencies who manage and update a large number of websites as well as website owners looking to make a significant update to their current website. Using a development site lets you make changes to a site without affecting the live site. When you have your changes dialed in, you can simply push those live.

In this article, we will show you three methods (in detail) for taking a development or staging site live. But first, let’s clear up some terms.

While there can certainly be differences between these terms, we will use “development site” (or “dev site”), “staging site”, and “local site” synonymously. These are all test environments that allow users to make changes to their WordPress websites in a way that won’t affect the live site. Similarly, a “live site” or “production site” is a Website that your want visitors to see on the web.

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