How to Decide If 2 Weeks Notice is Long Enough

How to Decide If 2 Weeks Notice is Long Enough

If you’ve ever had to make a job transition, you’ve asked yourself this question: is 2 weeks notice long enough? The answer is, that depends on your job and the situation.

There are many factors that go into determining how long your notice period needs to be. These can include the nature of your job, the position itself, and whether your company has the resources to fill your role until they hire someone else.

Regardless of length of time, it’s important to give notice when you can. Giving at least 2 weeks notice helps you to leave a job without burning bridges, and can help keep you on good terms with your company and your team. Prior notice demonstrates consideration for your fellow teammates and your company as a whole.

Whether you’re launching a business or moving from one 9 to 5 to another, your notice period should be well-thought-out before you notify your manager. Let’s take a look at a few common notice periods, plus some considerations for making your career change gracefully.

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