How to Create Moving Image Shadows on Scroll in Divi

How to Create Moving Image Shadows on Scroll in Divi

In the world of web design, we usually think of shadows as something we can add in Photoshop or as a CSS property (like box-shadow or text-shadow). But with Divi, we can think outside the box (or box-shadow). With just a few adjustments to Divi’s built-in filter and scroll effect options, we can transform any image into a lifelike shadow.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create moving image shadows on scroll in Divi. The trick is to find a PNG image with a unique shape so that, once the image is transformed, it will keep the shape and look like a realistic shadow of the image. After the image/shadow is ready, we can add a few scroll effects to move the shadow as the user scrolls. This unusual (yet familiar) effect will add a stunning design element that will bring new life to your site.

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