How to Create a WooCommerce Checkout Page Template with Divi

How to Create a WooCommerce Checkout Page Template with Divi

Designing a WooCommerce Checkout Page usually involves advanced customization to the PHP template file in the backend and a good bit of custom CSS. But with Divi’s Woo Modules, this process has become easy and enjoyable! When you edit a WC Checkout Page using Divi, that WC shortcode will transform into a structured layout of dynamic Woo Checkout Modules that are ready to be designed visually using powerful built-in design options. This gives you full control over the design of the checkout page.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to create a completely custom WooCommerce Checkout Page from scratch with Divi. First, we’ll design the WooCommerce Checkout Page using the dynamic Woo Modules available for the checkout page. Once done, we’ll show you how to add the checkout page design to a checkout page template in the Theme Builder. So, whether you want to customize the actual Checkout Page or create a Checkout Page Template, Divi has you covered. You’ll be on your way to designing stunning checkout pages in no time.

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