How to Become a Virtual Assistant

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who performs any number of administrative, creative or marketing tasks for clients. The client may be another VA who needs assistance, an individual or solopreneur, or a company or organization. While some VAs may work a full-time schedule for one major client, many opt to work as contractors or freelancers for several clients at once (though this can also add up to a full-time workload, or even more).

A perk to being a VA is setting your own flexible schedule, but you do have to cater to each client’s needs and schedule, too. Being a VA doesn’t require too much specialty training or equipment to start out, other than admin skills, business savvy and internet know-how. With time, you can specialize in a niche and grow your business to serve high-value clients.

The amount you’re able to earn as a VA will depend on your skillset, depth of expertise and whether you work for a VA company or for yourself. As an entry-level VA with a company, you may make as little as $10 to $12 per hour, which may not be a livable wage, especially if this is your only source of income. If you work for yourself, though, you can charge $20 or more per hour and continue to raise your rate as you develop high-level or in-demand skills.

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