How to Add a Stylish Preloader to your Divi Website

How to Add a Stylish Preloader to your Divi Website

Watching a screen load is, well, boring. It can also be concerning if we can’t tell what’s happening. We expect to see some sort of feedback when we click on something. We want to know that the computer accepted our click and is getting us what we asked for. Loading screens, then, can benefit from a preloader.

A preloader is an animated graphic that appears on the screen while the page is loading. Preloaders are a great way to display some visual cues that the page is loading, and even entertain the guest while you’re at it. In this tutorial, we’ll see how to add a preloader to Divi using a plugin called DP Preloader. It’s easy to use and you can even customize your preloader to make it your own. There are many solutions out there for adding a loading animation to WordPress, but DP Preloader was made just for Divi and it’s easy to implement, so let’s get started!

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