How Not to Bury The Lede in your Online Content

How Not to Bury The Lede in your Online Content

For the most part, writing has a single purpose: to communicate. That means that as writers, it is our job to get to the point as quickly and as concisely as possible. Burying the lede means the opposite of that. When someone buries the lede it means the writer is holding the most important information back for a big reveal the reader will eventually get to, strung along by anticipation of what’s coming. That sounds pretty good in theory. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Burying the lede not only causes frustration and increases bounce rate for online content, but it also prevents us from succeeding at why we’re writing in the first place: to communicate. If we bury the lede, we’re not saying anything. So let’s take a look at how that can be avoided.

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