How “Minding the Gap” Can Improve Your Career and Happiness

How “Minding the Gap” Can Improve Your Career and Happiness

“Mind the Gap” is a popular phrase first coined by the London Underground’s transit system. As it turns out, though, the idea of minding the gap is an apt metaphor for life.

The phrase was originally meant to alert Tube passengers to the gap between the sidewalk and the train cars when boarding. Stepping into this gap is dangerous and could cause physical harm. Over time, “Mind the Gap” entered popular culture as a slogan.

Most people need to step back occasionally and watch closely to make sure their next steps are leading them where they want to go. If we’re not minding the “gaps” in our life and work, so to speak, we can easily fall into patterns that are, at best, unproductive–and at worst, destructive.

Whether you’re a web designer, software developer, graphic designer, copywriter, or entrepreneur, being deliberate in your actions and responses can help you avoid common pitfalls in your industry and in life, too. Let’s look at a few potential “gaps” you can avoid by being mindful of your next steps.

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