How Desk Hoteling Can Improve Your Office Workspace

How Desk Hoteling Can Improve Your Office Workspace

The coronavirus pandemic forced practically the whole world to go remote in 2020, and everything from grocery shopping and fitness to date nights and happy hour started occurring within the home instead of outside of it. Work was no different, with companies scrambling to set up employees with access, equipment, and Zoom so businesses could stay afloat when it was too dangerous to be in a public place. But now that some companies are reopening their literal doors, a new problem has arisen. How do you accommodate employees who may — or perhaps more likely, may not — be excited to return to a brick-and-mortar workplace when you no longer have enough real estate for everyone? One solution is desk hoteling, which is a way to create a hybrid workplace with some in-office employees, some remote employees, and the ability to be flexible when it comes to who works where.

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