G Suite vs Office 365: Which is Better for Your Team?

G Suite vs Office 365: Which is Better for Your Team?

Are you trying to decide whether to get G Suite or Office 365 for your team? You’re not alone. Every business owner has to choose their core productivity tools at some point. And most of the time it’s a decisive battle of G Suite vs Office 365.

Why? Because running a business smoothly requires the right tools are at your disposal. And what are the primary tools a business needs? Generally speaking, all businesses need:

  • An email provider
  • A word processing system
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Generous file storage
  • A collaboration platform
  • A presentation maker

The most functional and productive way to use all these tools is through an office productivity suite. That’s where G Suite and Office 365 come into the picture.

In this post, we’ll go through the main features of each office productivity suite and see how they help different types of businesses.

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