Divi Hosting Requirements

Divi Hosting Requirements

Hosting your Divi website on a reliable server is crucial for site speed, security, and health. To do that, you need a hosting provider that meets certain requirements. Thankfully, Most hosting companies are familiar with hosting WordPress websites. So, they should have the basic hosting configuration you need to get your site up and running. However, if you are looking for optimal server settings for Divi sites specifically, you’ll need to make sure your host is meeting the specific Divi hosting requirements we share in this post. For most of you, a quick system status check inside Divi will be all the confirmation you need. But for those that run into any problems and/or want to optimize those settings, we’ll show you how to make the changes you need and more.

If you want perfectly configured hosting environments pre-installed with the tools you need to be successful with Divi, check out Divi Hosting. We’ve partnered with leading companies in the WordPress Hosting industry to bring you the most reliable, Divi-compatible hosting.

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