A Simple Guide to Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

A Simple Guide to Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages

Content marketing isn’t a new concept. Marketing professionals use this strategy to grow engagement and improve conversion for companies of all shapes and sizes. With the growth of professional blogging and blogs as part of a brand’s marketing strategy, content marketing has taken a spot front and center.

The person with the task of taking on a content marketing strategy depends on the size of each brand. Large corporations have a CMO, a chief marketing officer who can do the job with his team or hire a content marketing specialist. Smaller companies hire consultants and create small content marketing teams.

Yet, not everyone’s brand is large enough to hire outside help for a content marketing strategy. As long as you know what the basics are for good marketing strategy, you can take it upon yourself to create one for your blog or brand.

What does it take to get started?

Glad you asked! Well, the first step is to build a content marketing foundation, made up of topic clusters and pillar pages. Believe it or not, the largest part of a content marketing plan stems from these two concepts.

In this article, we define topic clusters and pillar pages in relation to a content marketing strategy. Also, we use examples of fictional businesses to see how the two concepts work together. Plus some great videos from content marketing experts we love.

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