6 Best Free Lead Generation Platforms and Apps

6 Best Free Lead Generation Platforms and Apps

Lead generation is your doorway to earning more money. Without a regular (and, hopefully, increasing) flow of customers, your business won’t survive.

There’s a lot of competition out there, though — a lot. And to stand up to it, you have to (1) know where to find a potential customer, (2) know what to say to them when you do find them and (3) fine-tune your message so it’s different from what other brands are saying.

That’s a lot on your plate. Luckily, with free lead generation platforms and apps that are geared toward beginners — and many with upgrade options for when your business grows — you can get the help you need when your budget’s still low.

Remember that lead generation is twofold: it refers to both attracting and converting leads. These free lead generation tools will help with one or the other goal — or sometimes both.

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