12+ Lead Magnet Ideas and Incentives to Grow Your Email List

12+ Lead Magnet Ideas and Incentives to Grow Your Email List

You’ve put a lot of thought into your brand, your website and your newsletter. Your customers offer excellent feedback – you know you’re providing something that changes or improves their lives. But if you could only get more people to tune in to what you’re delivering, everyone – you and your audience – would be better for it. That’s where lead magnet ideas come in.

A lead magnet is a tool that marketers use to collect a person’s (a lead’s) contact information. And they can take a ton of time to put together. Some lead magnets are super in-depth. For example, an online course or webinar can be used as a lead magnet. So can a contest, podcast or video series. Effort, time and money go into creating those types of lead magnets, and if your return-on-investment (ROI) isn’t good, that’s a lot of wasted work.

Instead, we want you to work smarter. These lead magnet ideas have a good chance of being effective without draining your resources.

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