10 Top Instagram Scheduler Services (Free and Paid)

10 Top Instagram Scheduler Services (Free and Paid)

Posting to Instagram is relatively simple, right? You take a photo, make a video or design a graphic, then throw it up on your profile along with a caption and a few relevant hashtags. With such an uncomplicated (and fun) social platform, why bother with an Instagram scheduler or marketing tools?

As any influencer or marketer (or even casual Instagram user) knows, it’s not nearly that easy. You may take a quick photo now or shoot a video that’s perfect for Stories, but you’re not ready to share it. Or, you may have a piece of polished content that you’re dying to share, but you want to make sure your audience is online when your post goes live.

Instagram scheduler tools help you brainstorm and plan out your Instagram content so that you’re sharing posts when they’ll be seen. And you can do that even if you’re not present to physically upload the content at those times. We’ve gathered the top 10 Instagram scheduler tools to help you do everything from save photos and get creative with your content to maximize exposure and collaborate with the rest of your team.

Two things to keep in mind about these tools:

  1. You probably can’t edit with them. (If you’ve heard of Autogrammer, an Instagram scheduler that does let you edit, know that we tried to use it and it indefinitely attempted to add the Instagram account, so…fail.) If you want to edit your photos or videos, do it first using a tool like Canva or Lightroom, then upload your content.
  2. While you can (usually) connect a personal Instagram account, you’ll need a business or creator account to auto-publish. Otherwise, you’ll be sent push notifications and can manually post your content at the designated times.
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