10 Persuasive Techniques That Will Boost Your Advertising Copy

10 Persuasive Techniques That Will Boost Your Advertising Copy

Persuasive writing and advertising techniques convince people to take specific actions or agree with you. You give them a choice and a compelling reason to make the decision you want them to make, and (if you’re good at it) they won’t be able to refuse.

The key is that the user – the reader, customer, etc. – has to win, too. You can’t be the only winner. Therefore, you can’t mislead – both of you have to actually benefit from the outcome.

Persuasive techniques in advertising are about presenting your case in the best way that shows the other person how it will benefit them. Don’t worry about expressing how it will benefit you – you’ve already decided it will, and the customer doesn’t care about that.

These strategies aren’t a replacement for a stellar product or service. Assuming you already sell or offer something you’re proud of, there are specific things you can do in your advertising to be more persuasive.

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