TikTok Marketing: What You Need to Know

TikTok Marketing: What You Need to Know

TikTok is a fun, rapidly-growing marketing platform with tremendous potential for brands, small businesses, artists, musicians, performers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. The platform utilizes short-form video, primarily to entertain and raise brand awareness. TikTok marketing is still new compared to other social media platforms. That means brands that utilize it have a higher likelihood of getting seen.

TikTok’s entertainment value can’t be overstated. The platform began as the Chinese social media platform Douyin. ByteDance, its parent company, acquired and renamed it Music.ly in 2017.

Music.ly quickly became popular for its short, lip-sync music videos. However, it soon transitioned into TikTok, whose video content is similar to the defunct Vine platform.

Now, TikTok marketing has gained worldwide popularity among multiple generations, and its momentum is only growing. In fact, it surpassed one billion downloads in its first year–so it’s a marketing trend that’s here to stay. While it’s particularly popular among Gen Z users, there are a fair number of Millennial and Gen X users on the platform as well. However, if you’re looking to expand your age demographic and attract a younger audience, TikTok can help you do that.

These days, a wide range of users utilize TikTok, from major corporations and celebrities to freelancers and side-hustle creatives. Because the platform is still so young and isn’t oversaturated, it’s easier to go viral with the right combination of variables.

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