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When you login to your WordPress site, do you notice there are quite a few update notifications? Keeping WordPress, plugins and themes updated can take up a chunk of your time every month. If you don’t update on a regular basis, you’re leaving your Web site open for hackers to attack. They specifically look for sites that aren’t updated. While updates are the absolute minimum you need to do to keep your site safe and healthy, there are more ways you can protect yourself with security monitoring, backups and staying on top of comments.

Our Unleashed team is here to perform maintenance on your WordPress site. We’ve developed four levels of maintenance to meet all needs and budgets. There are no contracts so you can change to a different level of maintenance at any time. Below are the details of each component of our maintenance services.

Maintenance Unleashed
WordPress Maintenance Plan Features
  • WordPress Updates
    WordPress core updates will be automatically installed when available.
  • Plugin Updates
    We check your site for plugin updates and install them.
  • Theme Updates
    We check your site for theme updates and install them.
  • Database Optimization
    We repair and optimize the WordPress database to keep your site running quickly and smoothly.
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    You are notified if there are any problems with your domain name or hosting.
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    We install security software on your site and monitor for any security issues.
  • Backup to Amazon Cloud
    Your site's database and files are backed up to a secure spot in the Amazon cloud.
  • Page Speed Calculation
    Your site speed will be tested by Google and the results are part of your report.
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
    You'll receive a report showing site updates and results of tests run.
  • Comment Management
    We'll get rid of spammy comments and approve the good ones.
  • Hack Repair
    If your site is hacked while we are maintaining it, we'll fix the hack and clean the site.
  • Detailed Traffic Report
    A detailed traffic report will be customized for you and updated monthly.
  • VIP Priority Support
    Our VIP clients get first priority on maintenance requests.
  • SEO Report
    A custom SEO report is prepared comparing your site to competitors on important keywords.
  • Monitor Search Errors
    We monitor Google for any search errors on your site.
  • Telephone Coaching Session
    Each month we'll set aside an hour of time for a telephone coaching session to answer any questions about your site and how it can perform better.
Bronze WordPress Maintenance Plan
  • $19/month
Bronze WordPress Maintenance Plan
  • weekly
  • $49/month
Gold WordPress Maintenance Plan
  • daily
  • $79/month
Platinum WordPress Maintenance Plan
  • daily
  • $149/month
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WordPress Updates

The core WordPress software is updated several times a year. Updates bring new features, improve speed and most importantly address security issues. We’ll make sure these updates get installed on your site right after they are released.
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Plugin Updates

Most WordPress sites have several plugins installed to provide important features. They are constantly being updated to add features and patch security holes. It is not uncommon that you’d have to update plugins at least once a day to be truly up-to-date. We’ll take care of all of these updates for you!
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Theme Updates

Every WordPress Web site has at least one theme and typically other inactive themes. They define the overall look and feel of your site as well as some of the features. Even inactive themes can be compromised by hackers. Keeping all themes updated is important and we’ll do it for you!
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Database Optimization

WordPress stores all of your Web site in a database. It doesn’t take long for a lot of unnecessary data to bloat your database. We’ll optimize your database regularly to help keep your site running efficiently.
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24/7 Uptime Monitoring

The goal is for a Web site to be fully functional at all times. Even the best sites have an occasional outage. We’ll monitor your site and will receive notification if it is down for even a short time. If it isn’t a temporary issue, we look into it for you.
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24/7 Security Monitoring

Due to the popularity of WordPress, bad guys try to hack WordPress sites. Keeping everything updated slows them down. For stronger defense, we’ll install software and monitor any attempted hacks. This extra layer of security does a great job keeping the bad guys out of your site. In addition, we’ll install a badge that tells your visitors that verifies your site is safe.
WordPress Backup Cloud Icon

Backup to Cloud

You backup data regularly on your computer, right? OK, we know most of us aren’t good at this. We want to make sure there is a recent copy of your Web site at all times in case something bad happens. To keep it extra safe and secure, backups are stored in a secure area in the cloud.
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Page Speed Calculation

The speed of your site plays a big part in how the site is ranked in search engines. We’ll measure page speed on your site to help you know how well your site compares with other sites.
Monthly Maintenance Reports Icon

Monthly Maintenance Report

We’ll send you a custom report each month. It shows a complete detailed accounting of what was done to keep your Web site safe and healthy.
Comment Management Icon

Comment Management

It is great when real visitors to your site leave comments. Unfortunately spammers love to post comments that only promote their spammy wares. We’ll approve good comments and remove all the spammy ones.
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Hack Repair

When we’re keeping things updated on your site and using security software as an additional layer of protection, it’s unlikely your site will get hacked. But even with precautions, hacks can happen. Should the bad guys still hack your site, we’ll clean it up for you.
Detailed Traffic Report Icon

Detailed Traffic Report

How many visitors came to your site? Where did they go on the site? What do we know about them? How did they find the site? What did they purchase? Which AdWords campaign performed well for you? These are just a few of the answers we can provide in our highly customized report using a variety of data sources.
VIP Priority Support Icon

VIP Priority Support

Our VIP clients get first priority on any support issues you have with your Web site.
SEO Report Icon

SEO Report

Getting your site to the top of search engines can bring you traffic. We’ll put together a report that compares your site to competitors and how the sites rank with various keywords or phrases.
Monitor Search Errors Icon

Monitor Search Errors

Sometimes there are issues on pages of your site that causes errors in your Google rankings. When there are errors, your page may not even be indexed. We’ll monitor search errors for you so that they can be addressed.
Monthly Coaching Session Icon

Coaching Session

Each month we’ll schedule a call (phone or Zoom) with you so we can discuss your site in detail. We’ll go over maintenance completed, the reports and ways that your Web site can be improved to meet your goals.
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