Licensing Showdown: Creative Commons vs Royalty Free vs GPL

Licensing Showdown: Creative Commons vs Royalty Free vs GPL

Creative Commons, Royalty-free, and General Public License (GPL) are types of licensing for images, graphics, and video. Designers, photographers, software developers, and content creators regularly access and use licensed media for a variety of projects. The question is, which license is best?

Licensing gives users the ability to legally use a piece of media in their product or design, while the original creator retains the copyright. This is a win-win for not only the creator and the copyright holder, but also for the customer.

Licensed media is usually high-quality and very professional. Therefore, it lends a fantastic flair to projects that might otherwise turn out dull if the images or videos were bootstrapped at home.

Let’s take a look at Creative Commons, Royalty-free, and GPL license options and identify when they’re best to use.

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