How to Stand Out and Get Noticed When You’re a Remote Worker

How to Stand Out and Get Noticed When You’re a Remote Worker

These days, more professionals are working at home than ever before. In fact, remote work has increased exponentially since 2005–by 159%, according to a recent report. Current circumstances worldwide have moved many companies into working remotely in a short period of time. So what’s the secret for how to stand out at work when you’re remote?

There are pros and cons to working remotely, and one of the major cons is the lack of visibility. When you’re not working in a physical office, it can be difficult to stay top-of-mind with your bosses and teammates. So how can you keep yourself on their radar? How do you avoid being just another face behind a screen?

Whether you’re working at home for the first time or a veteran remote worker, there are many ways you can stand out at work. Here are some tips to help you get started.

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