Sun Visors Etc isn’t technically a makeover since the site it was designed to replace is still active. The original site is built using one of the big build your own store sites. It was scheduled to go out of business at the end of January 2015 leaving store owners out of luck. It was saved at the last minute when another company purchased it, but shows one of the downsides of relying on these sites that are out of your control.

The Home Page

It was clear the original site was built using a template that really wasn’t a good fit and looks very dated. It also is not mobile friendly. Below are thumbnails of the original home page and the new home page. Click on either thumbnail to see the full graphic.


The original site has every single category in a long list down the left side of the site, while the new site uses drop-down menus. We also made sure to feature each of the categories visually on the home page so it is easier for visitors to find the perfect visor.

The Store

As you look at the original store (below left thumbnail), there isn’t a single product shown on the initial screen. Just instructions on how to click to where the store is really located (on yet another site). With the new site (below right thumbnail), the store is directly integrated and shows all available visors sorted in a variety of different ways along with a prominent Add to Cart button.


As new products are added behind the scenes, they automatically display in the store. Most likely the visor is also categorized and the visitor can easily view all visors in the desired category by choosing it from the drop-down menu.

All of the product details are added by the client to keep their costs minimal. If asked, we will go in and make a few changes for them. In the same place they manage products, they can also see all orders and process them.

Visor Categories

Examples of the old (left) and new (right) category pages are shown below.

In the old store there are more styles available because the client has yet to add all of the visors to the new site. But the thumbnails are much smaller and visitors aren’t able to see the detail of the graphics on the visor. There are also no “Add to Cart” buttons on the old site as a click simply takes you to another site where you can actually buy it. While that site has a slightly cleaner design, it is very generic.

SEO and Sharing

There really isn’t any SEO on the old site and we’ve added custom descriptions and keywords on the new site on a number of pages. Also each product on the new site can have a description and keywords attached to it. We have also provided buttons for visitors to share their favorite visors to a variety of social media sites.

Should the client desire, the old domain can be attached to the new site to bring of all of the existing traffic to the the site. It was also be self-contained so they would no longer be reliant on the big shopping site staying in business.

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