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Are you set up to share the secret of your success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Digg, Yelp, etc.? Do you care? You should! A cohesive branding across social media platforms guarantees that your online presence counts and visitors will remember you. Let us help with that!

Do you have a blog where you can post information of interest to your customers? We’ll help you set up a blog and connect it to platforms that help the posts reach the largest number of readers and potential customers.

In year’s past businesses focused on Yellow Page ads, newspaper ads, radio and television. Now there are numerous ways to hold conversations directly with your potential customers via social networking. If you simply use old methods and “sell” to them, they will tune you out. We’ll help you develop a game plan for holding conversations that will grow your customer base via the social networks.

  • $99
  • Custom Facebook cover photo
  • Perfectly-sized profile photo
  • Short Description & other info for About section of page
  • $99
  • Custom Twitter header
  • Perfectly-sized profile photo
  • Custom bio
  • $99
  • Custom YouTube cover photo
  • Perfectly-sized profile photo
  • Custom description
  • $249
  • Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Branding packages
  • Profile photos sized for Pinterest & Instagram
  • Custom description for one additional social media network of your choice

Unleashed Services

So that we can give you the best branding graphics, it is very important that we get a very clean copy of your logo. Ideally the logo will be in a vector-based file format. It would also be helpful to know your company color scheme and fonts. This allows your social media branding to follow the same look as your other marketing materials.

Our service does not include creating a logo for you or re-creating a logo from a low-quality bitmap version.

We will set up a shared folder on the Dropbox service to receive original files from you and return the branding graphics when we’re done.

Need Help With Content?

While the services above are strictly for creating graphic and text to brand your company on social networks, we are certainly happy to work with you to create content to post. If you’d like our help, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Having a great logo is very important! If you are in need of a logo, you may want to consider 99 Designs. They offer a variety of packages where multiple designers will compete to create the perfect logo for your company, brand or product.

Prefer to Do It Yourself?

For those who have the graphic skills and want to create branding graphics themselves, check out our CorelDRAW Web & Social Media Success Kit. It includes templates and specifications to create perfectly sized graphics for all of the popular social media platforms.

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